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One day to go!

Only one day to go!

Wayne finished today 

But I have another day.

The penultimate post

Is it wasted before Sunday’s roast!

So what will it be today …

A sketch, story or verse

A poem, I couldn’t think off any thing worse.

Or should I go out to play.

Black was the colour 

Grey was the knife,

Red was the blood

What was the trouble and strife?

That came at the witching hour!

The clock showed 10:16 , that was a  strange time. The day before, the front door knocked.

A bigerknee was on the other side ,

It smiled and said hello,

The turned an ran up a slide.

These things happen at sixteen minutes past 10

The dragon landed on Europa, it had been away a long time.

But it made its presence felt, toppling the bear with a flick of its tail.

Its confident stride dented by its older enemy of George. But the pride of the dragon was strong and will and bitter determination saw it brush of the defeat!

Crushing under its foot the strong lion of Europa. But the fight and flight had been long, the wolves began to circle.

In the end the brave dragon was stopped, but left to fly home to heal its battle scars vowing to comeback and rule supreme in the land of the Bear