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So you may have noticed a mushroom theme this year, well this is because I stumbled across a trance music group called infected mushroom and this has been a bit of a muse .

So here is a current meme in this world with some thoughts to leave you    with.

Till next year.

a 100 days to be creative 

Drawing, writing or poetry 

Fitting it in through the day

As this work does not pay

Never going for sculpture or pottery 

But looking in places for a narrative.
Today is the ninety ninth day

Highest day we have ever achieved 

Seventy was the best 

But if this done and can be believed 

That Monday is the final day

Idiot left phone on charge and did not press send idiot.

the cock crowed at first light

Waking up the household

The rooks in the rookery tool flight 

The man appeared from the house into the cold
He left his house in a rush

For the time had come 

To make a stand and to push