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Day 45 :

I wandered through the streets of Rochdale looking for a shop to stop at.

However i am new to this town and life i some what different. From finding the station i was able to make my way to the RC church  which had craved in the stone the final resting place. Julius Anthony, the younger  brother of julius Caeser

Right so after a drunken user error of not saving and not having enough charge on my laptop. here is Saturday’s post


The morning starts with bark

The trudge of the walk of shame

At 6am there is no Spark

For the dogs think it is a game.


It is early  so very early

It is not just a week day!

i muse on this fairly

YES, it is in fact my Birthday!!!!!!



2014-04-13 12.44.52

Well we are at this auspicious day so. Lets  grab our towels and our bag or scrabble tiles.

If deep thought spent a lot of time thinking on the ultimate question.

The machine sat and processed the 1s and 0s at speeds that are unmeasurable.

Carrying a 1, Shifting a 0 then divide the 101101.

Checking the checksum.

Then after much integration, calculation and finally some differentiation

Deep Thought responded  saying 42.