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Hello my friends.

Not much happened in Q3  in actual work or doing stuff .But we had a holiday in Lincolnshire so we did a lot of architecture work.

I have a sketch of a church door.

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Hello my friends.

So this is almost 2 quarter late.  But in fun i found this new Microsoft App – Sway.

Art Blog Post – Quarter2

Miss the last post -> Art Blog Post – Quarter1

One day to go!

Only one day to go!

Wayne finished today 

But I have another day.

The penultimate post

Is it wasted before Sunday’s roast!

So what will it be today …

A sketch, story or verse

A poem, I couldn’t think off any thing worse.

Or should I go out to play.

Black was the colour 

Grey was the knife,

Red was the blood

What was the trouble and strife?

That came at the witching hour!