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So this was written in the car, but due to family requiring my attention I was not able to get very far.


The ambulance arrived at the countess  of Chester hospital A&E department.  The driver got out and met his colleague round the back of the ambulance, they open the door. She was still sat on the trolley  with her legs pulled up to her as though this was her default postion. Larbi  said,” we are here, it time to get you checked in and start the healing process”.

she didn’t move.


As  I walk through the small copses  of birch trees

I see the land opening up  to fallowed field

traversing on and on i am not alone.

That shadow  feels ever present.

The path in front of me becomes a crescent.

The bees are here !

I have no Fear!

For perhaps that shadow is in descent

I stop and check, Yes i am alone.

In this Valley the will not Yield

So with a spare day , i spent it walking  round Heaton Park, then Sculpting the lawn from the wild field it had become will post pictures later

It is the week most Holy

Celebrating the the sacrifice

of a man whom change the world

His teachings caused led the Romans strife

his followers listened and believed word.

On the  Jewish festival so Holy