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so after spent the weekend monitoring work, as a client is doing training despite my recommendation. Bless the dev team they have done a sterling job.

But I have completed my paper for the challenge. Also I have done my Talexp 

So happy

The world span on its orbit, all was right in the cosmos. Yet on the outer reaches of the galaxy. A shimmer in the blackness, Doppler would have said it was coming towards the centre, to our sun.

So I was working till late last night and was very tired so for got to post this.


Tick tock
Tick tock

Went the sound of the clock, the minute ha and moved to the 3 position. It was quarter past ten !
quarter past ten!!!!
It should have happened by now?
She looked at her watch, it was in sync with the clock on the wall.

A bell sounded behind her, the door to the cafe had opened. But when she looked the door was shut, she faced forwards again. To her shock she was looking directly at herself.

Her other self said, “ssh, there isn’t time, in the next 5 minutes u will walk through that door again wearing a blue coat, you must shoot her. She must die”

Then she got up and left there the rear of the cafe.

The kitchen God of the sea, well coffee or tea.