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Right, having spent a large portion of Friday night designing this logo due to the good lady was working late and I was not in the mood to be sociable.  Despite this mood it didn’t stop the numerous random calls I got.
For example,
“Hi P, have got a pdf document that I want to read but it won’t open on my new PC. Yet it works on my Dad’s”.
“Have you installed Adobe’s Pdf reader?”
“No, it asks me to pay.”
“OK will do and call if I have any more problems”
Anyway I digress.
Earth's Gate Heaven's Way

Earth's Gate Heaven's Way

If we look at the image bellow you will see that it is 3 interconnecting circles.
Starting from the bottom left circle you have a stone arch way from the ruined castle of Dinas Bran that over look Llangollen town in the northern regions of Wales.
The bottom right circle is the Torii of the cost of Hiroshima, Japan.  The top circle is the hilltop chapel of St Michel – d ‘Aiguilhe in the French city of Le Puy.
The middle section is Light Echoes from V838 Mon in 2003, this picture contains the kanji for  Bu, Shu and Mon.
These can be read as Bumon – Warriors Gate and Shumon –Spirit Gate. This symbolises the two paths a person should travel in order to be balanced.
Therefore you have the conjoining of the 2 paths the Dinas Bran Castle Arch (Bumon) and the Torii that guards the Itsukushima Shrine (Shumon) that lead out of the Earth gate (Chimon) to the Mount Chapel of St Michel to Heaven’s Way (Tendo).

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  1. Wow… I would say “Quick to the Venn Diagram”, but the Logo is already in Venn-format :o)

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