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So on Thursday, the old one from the Wrexham valley released his new book a poem one. This has been a long rumored to be almost complete think it is been in that stage for 4 years perhaps less. I do the old man a disjustice or injustice as the spellcheck is not that amazing.

As ever I digress as is my wonted custom of my blog….

So here goes

Wayne Owens’ author Bio

Wayne is a proud welshman living in the scenic Northeastern Welsh mountains,  you could say the Clwydian range, but as I have no map to hand I am asumming that is the area. He has lived the most of his life there, and as such is well versed in the areas mystic charm. You could say this technopagan for that is a reasonable desciption  of this Gentleman who has made it his life to learn all he can about esoteric thought and anicent ways. But not at the expense of new technologies and scientific understanding.
Originally he work with & for his father as an  electrician,  he now works for an ISP dealing with all that is thrown at him.

Trained in martial arts, he is also a proud Freemason and has remind Master of his lodge for two years.
Wayne can often be found on twitter or online gaming, however he has always want to use his creative side and has spent many years writing for his own pleasure until late 2012 he released his first short story “Nightwatch” to the world.

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