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September 2005 I marched, strolled through to symbolic gates Bumon and Shumon.

Some of you may shout “no the Shumon gate is not covered by a ‘Raising’”, well I say it depends on your stance and your view point which we will come back to as this may be a “twisty turny” ramble but life is journey and I have no Whiskey to sip or a speaker to perch on or group of friends chatting to mindlessly.  Great days!

Having passed under these gates, life in the 2 disciplines has been very enjoyable, in private life I got married, changed jobs twice. Recently the Bu path has not been straight; it has been quite a twisty road that is uneven and lumpy and hilly. Why is this? The honest answer is I don’t know, perhaps I have been feeling what’s the point, or road is at an end even though I know Sensei has a vast knowledge that can “Fry the noodle”.

Having missed most of November due to work and evil memes, I am slowly attempting to get back in to the swing of things but as the days progress I will ponder this lack of faith. Let us hope that the path is becoming more straight and defined. To the future!!!!

Shu path, well this seems to have been quite defined with the goal of 2015 always be clearly ahead leading it through the path. That was until summer this year when the then SD vanished due to private matters. This left the place in concern so the then JD jumps to JW, and they have placed a PM in the SD position. The  question is will  the Old SD return in 2011 and take his place as JW in 2011/12 or does the entire ladder jump 2 rungs and means  that one mountain will be missed and its 2014 the main goal.

This path has been slow to expand but by this time next year I hope to have completed Mark and MM.

Right back to viewpoints, Shu is the spirit gate and masonry is not a religion but a set of ideals based on ancient texts whether they are historical or allegorical they have the power to influence new learning’s and cause revolutions in dogmatic ways, which is why some faith groups are against it.

It can be safely said that Freemasons affect YOUR life!!

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