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The good lady is quite the Prince of Persia fan,  although has only ever completed one game on the XBOX 360,  never played the original on the old Amiga 500 with the Lego window as the eject button as the original broke when two brothers  where squabbling, but then that’s a different story.

Anyway back to the tale in hand, right so M’lady has bought the film on DVD and is available from all good music/video stores and Supermarkets to buy. Or if buying is not your preferred method of choice, (Please note I do not agree to this.) You are more likely find it of your friendly torrent site or the Man from Flint that bring in Yellow DVD’s but again a warning here as he is not the full shilling  he may just be giving you porn, but sorry I digress.

So Xbox on surround sound on big tv ready to go and the film commences. Now the version we watched the 2D version. Which i really enjoyed as the plot was well thought out, as an introduction to the Characters and the concepts that the games have had in them. You Have Jake Gyellhaal as the Prince looking all rough and rugged according to the wife. You have the mysterious Princess with some secret that will be explained to you over the course of the next 2hrs. Who is played by Gemma Arteron, the current British hottie that Hollywood seems to have fallen for, since the reinvention of St Trinians.

Other actors of note in the film are Gandhi (Ben Kingsley) and the Jeff (Richard Coyle) who is known to people from the TV sitcom Couplings.  Ben plays the Uncle to the prince and advisor to the king, whilst Richard (Tus) is the Prince of Wales or if you not British thee eldest Son and Heir to the throne.

Not wanting to ruin the Plot…… but they WIN.

The basic synopsis is, 3 princes and an uncle believe the city they have surround has Weapons of Mass destruction  so they set out to capture  the city,  one of the prince’s is a not crafty and takes a first world war approach off smacking the Citadel’s defences with no luck and a lot of death. So our Hero try as less guarded gate and breaches the City’s walls so the Prince and Family have now conquered the Sacred City.  The Tus then commands the guards to send for the King and begin to search for the weapon Caches.

As this goes on the King arrives slaps his eldest son for invading the sacred city and then sends him out of his site, Tus then tells the hero to ensure his father has a gift and that the Princess is to be Tus’ wife. The Hero has no gift so Tus allows him to have his gift to give to the father.

The Prince accompanies the Princess to meet the King and he is asked why he allowed the battle to go ahead, if he believed it was wrong. The Prince gives the King the Gift Tus had given him, the King tries it  on for size and after  strutting like a Peacock in it it begins to smoke and burn and kill him. Of Course our hero gets blamed.

I will stop telling you want happens but it is a very enjoy able film it uses the games storylines and free running  and the sands of time well to enhance the plot and make the film enjoyable for veterans of the franchise and introduce it to newbies. Again I have only seen the 2D version as I am not  in the group that thinks  3D will blow my mind having seen Dances with Giant Smurfs sorry I mean Avatar. All the scenes that would make the 3D effect work where obvious to spot but would not add anything to the film.

So we rate the film out of 5 would give 4.

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