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2015 is almost complete, it is time for a “Lessons Learnt” approach to this year’s challenge.  The imaginatively entitled “The Challenge 2015”.

The events that make up this challenge are :

  1. Experimental Story.
  2. 100 Days.
  3. An esoteric paper.


Experimental story:

This is writing a story with GreatGothNinja. We will take it in turns to write a section of the story over the next 52 weeks starting on the 29th December 2014.  Each Monday in 2015 will have a section of story posted to the official website.  Therefore part 1 will be appearing on the 5th December and will be written by me.

A little pressure but then this is the whole point of challenges to be well challenging !!!

So that was the plan,  in the words of Captain Sheridan for Babylon 5,” it failed”.  There is 13 weeks’ worth of a story, but  the pressures of doing the other challenges on top of this  one  was too much for me to bear, and my good friend GreatGothNinja presented a good case and concurred the issue was with me.  Awaiting the arrival and the preparing for it took up my time.

The unfinished story can be seen here: it  may get resurrected next year it may not. Parts of my own work there may get recycled into other plans. Only  time will tell.

Event Success : FAIL

Percentage of task complete : 25%


100 Days:

This annual challenge is returns by unpopular demand. Last year I managed to be creative for 70days over the allotted period. Which is to date my personal best, therefore the plan is to complete the 100days challenge.

This year it started on the 1st February 2015  and the 100th day was to be the 11th May 2015.  Last year I got to the lofty heights of 70days, that was my personal best so far, and  I have the great pleasure of  informing you that this year I completed the 100days challenge.

I was surprised by this but  I did it. The 100days can be seen under this link

Event Success : Complete

Percentage of task complete : 100%


An Esoteric Paper:

To write paper on an esoteric subject with the view to publish in the web.

This was the plan, after not being able to come up with any decent ideas,  I suggested to GreatGothNinja that we asked our twitter friends, which Doc  suggested we should join him in his writing a paper on the 2 Pillars. Which he has been assigned for his quarterly paper to the associate LOLS members. The deadline was 1st March 2015.

We both agreed so did our Canadian brother Gord, so when the 1st March came 3 pdfs were sent out to the four of us. But just as we were about to discuss them.  But the Doc had a new plan, soon we all had invites to join Once we had joined this site we all got promoted to  the Robert Lomas Portal for Masonic study.  Here the Doc, GreatGothNinja and I uploaded our papers. Unfortunately Gord was unable to get a paper prepared due to other commitments.  A discussion was had about what we had written, and more understanding in Masonic matters  occurred.

After the comedown of completing this extremely stressful task of writing a paper on the same  subject as the Doc. Who is a World renowned published author in masonic  writing.  Also a lecturer whose job it would have been to mark such papers.  About a week or two later a message appears on OpenLodge, a new topic had arrived, Without Scruple or Diffidence.  Without thinking too much about it the process started again:

  • Read title
  • Think about it
  • Research
  • Plan paper
  • Write paper.


But this was the second paper and now things became more difficult, so it was a shorter paper than the previous one.  When all four were published to the Doc’s  Portal, on reviewing  2 of the papers and think they had gone of topic, I discussed it with the Mentor of LOLS and the Doc. So that when topic 3 arrived  I decided I would not  look at the first level of the title “The Significance of the Third Degree”  I changed my research plan and read all round the subject. This was my favourite paper of the year to do,  I learnt so much and it changed my view of the Royal Arch. I had originally seen it as hurdle to allow me to get to  the Templars.  But now I realise its more than that. But the way it is sold in Craft Masonry is wrong, and the powers that be should review their approach to the Royal Arch in connection to the 3rd Degree.

This week I finished the 4th paper which was the “Using All the working tools of a Master Mason” I again learnt a lot and about how the ritual we know today has not always been as we have come to believe. Also in discussing what I have been up to this year with the Elder of Westminster Lodge, I have now been hit with a paper to write for him on Aprons.

On reflection from the writer’s block this time last year.  On the event of doing one paper, FOUR have been completed and one is due end of Jan, with the Doc saying the 8th Dec is when the next topic is due arrive.  It has become some sort of addiction.

Event Success : Complete

Percentage of task complete : 100% + 100% +100% + 100%  = 400%



Those were the Challenges for 2015 and in conclusion  it was a very productive year , I believe it was the most productive year ever. Well at least since these challenges have occurred. Yes the Story event was a failure but in the words of Meatloaf,” Two out of Three, ain’t bad”.  But the paper event lasted 4 quarters.

Lessons Learnt :

  • Trying something new , you may enjoy it
  • Don’t take on to much as some aspects may fail


So with this in mind  and 2016 is fast approaching, the question remains what has Artisan 2016 have in store.

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