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So today I have had a lot of calls and meetings and I found I was fidgeting with the broken column i have on my desk. therefore i have decided to design this….


hopefully it prints well and i can then play with it when i am think etc.

Based on today’s reading about  Religion and Freemasonry.


The phone rang, he leaned over and picked it up 

Go for Barney?

Do not leave me

I love you

I love you too gorgeous.

I hate you


I love you

Phew, don’t say that.

I hate you

Are you okay? You sound off

I love you

Really Jessica have you been drinking??

Hate you

Please stop this nonsense

Love you

This is getting silly Jessica you are not a child. 

Hate you, love you
Hate you, love you

Right Jessica it’s 11:45 I am tired you are drunk so shut up.

Hate, love you
Hate, love you
Hate, love you

Right stop this nonsense.otherwise I will dump you. Stop ringing me like this when you are drunk.

Hate, love you
Hate, love you

I warned you it’s over I am leaving you.

If you leave me (I will kill you)


Better yet,
I will kill you

Right I  am hanging up now you mental bitch.

Kill you


So have been playing with Windows 10 apps. Now have to wait for the item to arrive, might be Monday or later next week. Only time will tell and patience will be endured.  To the 9 o’clock toast!

No longer have a blank OneNote page, as I have now started​ writing the paper