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Just trying to work on a bigger piece.

Hello my friends.

Not much happened in Q3  in actual work or doing stuff .But we had a holiday in Lincolnshire so we did a lot of architecture work.

I have a sketch of a church door.

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So after a sleepy evening yesterday and a snotty day today the brain has not really functioned so then for today’s creativeness.


I lie in bed asleep,

well it is dark and my eyes are shut

so asleep I lie.


Yet if i am asleep why do i think i am not?

Do i dream?

Dreaming of being asleep asking if i am awake?


My legs ache  and i have stomach ache

yet my eyes are shut

tightly they are shut


The vision changes  strange

girder structures are being form about my bed.

Again the questions  comes am i asleep?


Investigation is halted by a cough and a light

Eyes are awake..

My son is asleep but restless.


Looking away from the monitor

I get up to go to the Bathroom

the clock says quarter to 1


No that is not right i have been asleep longer

but no the night is long when the fever has set in!!