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Input, to enter and then place something.

Output, to exit and place it somewhere else.

InOut, enter and exit.

Inner, to enter more deeply.

Outer, exit to the furthered the reaches.

But why is this important?

Well I can’t tell you that, or can I!

Ok I will it is important as they are opposites, which means they are in balance.

They are in and yo

Or yin and yang

Black and white 

Darkness and Light

Day and Night 

Or to put it plainly 

They are in or Out!

If the lights went out,

Would you scream and shout?

Or would you remain Calm

Knowing you were safe from harm 

Thus appearing to have more Klout!!!
Ah, but when the light come on,

I may have slipped way ?

You would see I have gone,

Perhaps to return another day!

Smile and be happy 

Laugh and be happy

Frown and get slapy

Get slapped and be grumpy.
Stop naming dwarfs!

Get a guitar and rock

Master the guitar and be a Doc

A rocky sea trip will make you queezey.

Yet sniffles make you sneezey

I said stop naming dwarfs

Ok ok don’t be in a fright!

It’s only Snow White.

So fed up with the pointless grief the PM has been getting so here’s Conspiracy Guy Walter to help:


But What is it ?

This thing called art,

An illusionary piece to fit

Ones mind around a creative fart?

Or as they say it is in the watchers eye.

Where the imagination is left to fly!

Soring above the masses

Who cannot see wood for the tree

Instead they look but it passes

Yet if one looks another way

What they see will set them free