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Category Archives: Cult

So it is Pentacost, so we made hats with the spirit as a flame.

So have sent off some question for the generation in Freemasonry book idea.

Looking at creating a 3d puzzle/totem 

Seeing if I can build these in to a pillar!

Me: Pete Maguire Ashlar Lodge

Table neighbour(TN): Malcolm pleased to meet​ you.

me: so are you in the chair

TN : no no just a hanger on

David: don’t believe a word he says

John : hi pete, Malcolm Dave

TN: so are you in RAM

Me: unattached

TN: how come

Me: starts at 5

TN: FAIR ENOUGH, so John are u at Hyde tomorrow ?

John: yes

Me: is that Athelstan order..

TN: yes are you interested?

Me: no making conversation

So on went through dinner, with goodbyes said .

Walk to the car park ..

Me: Night Guy, have a good day tomorrow.

Guy: So  I will get you a form for Athelstan then…