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So late on night a man sat at his work desk and stared arlt the blank page. It had been a white sheet of A4 for three days.

The first day he sat at the desk and drummed his pencil on the Bud light can on the desk humming the tune of the Chain by Fleetwood Mac. 

The second night he paced the room, shouting for inspiration. Waving his hands in the air looking for a sign from God or a muse or just an idea.

Tonight though it time to start . He picked up his pen and began to write.

The rain had been pouring from the sky for seven days. It had shown no sign of stopping……

Knock knock 

He paused and looked up. Had his office door just knocked. Why he was the only person that lived at his house.

Knock knock 
There it was again. He put the pencil down, stretched his legs pushing his chair back. He stood up and walked to his door he grasped the handle.

Turning it and opening it into his room. There about 3ft tall was a large fully letter Z with arms and feet and two eyes on the top part of the zeds horizontal.

He was about to say something when the creature smiled at him and stretched out its arms. then without any warning jumped at the man, managing to get its mouth on the his neck and then.


The Zees’ teeth sank into the bloke’s neck. He began to feel light headed and he stumbled and fell to the floor. After another minute the Zed stood up and walked to the open door and left.

“so there we were, sat having a drink. When a motorbike pulled up. He was a thick set gent, wearing full biker leathers. The logo on his back was the Widow Sons North Wales Chapter.”

The man lifted his lid and said is this the café on Horseshoe Pass?

No mate this is the last stop café between ‘dale and Toddy!

What? But I am still in Wales though? 

No your about 20 miles out of Manchester!

Noo I planned this route, Nev thought he knew better. But as I am the President, o know what’s best.
And that Mister Police officer was the last we saw off him. The gent turned and headed of left. We said right but he ignored us, and drove straight off the path towards the cliff.

On the fourth of July in the dark of the setting, setting suns all the jam kids came out for they knew they had a leader they knew they had a new man

Yes at the end of the day the war was won.

Washington had been the Victor. Having beaten the British Army,  with the help of the French, yes the irony. 

But in less than 100years the white house would be burnt to the ground. Save only by that British of all topics the weather.

So on your independence day, the day Franklin was quoted as saying the war that was not need. (Ok I paraphrase) if only we’ have sorted out some kind or rebate … 

But then you are the land of the free and the home of the brave enjoy your celebration.

Added more to the post on Day 61