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So finally part 2 of my Open lodge work has been submitted.

The final count was 591 words.  Will sort the Photos tomorrow and the add to the Open lodge site for approval

Only three para left I think :) 

So last year Wayne and I paid a visit to Start George’s lodge in Warwickshire.

The first part is on open lodge. 

Second part is currently 335 words in.

The day had been a good one the four brothers had made it to the infamous house of the last vampires.  It was a derlect building, with three car parks. Yet no one used the first two. 

They parked the car under the sacred yew tree, the wizard of the group proclaimed it would be safe due to the watcher of the shire. 

They set of to the chapel of Mary Magdalene, passing under a giant arch. Was it built by the nephim? Who could say!!!

Cutting short due to battery life