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The morning of the 24th was an early one
But like today the sun Shone
It is hard to believe that ten years have past
Since that day when we both said, “I Do”
The years have flown fast

The day I dropped the ring
It made a loud ting.
Your is the same one
But my first has gone

So thank you my bride
For these years
We have had a great ride
With Joys and tears

I loved you then
As I do now
But is it really Ten?
Always will I you , is my vow

There once was a great time in London on this one day.

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It was a warm night

When the brothers met

They had come to discuss operations

The reports went well, yet

When the final point came tongues were less tight.

Fear leads to the dark side,

And love and humanity is the path to the light.

One should be a beacon for the right.

But then I am not scared of the four.

For the Sith lords don’t have the might.

For I fear the fifth!!

We have spades so we dig,

Looking and searching for clues

But we are unable to twig

These anicent old shoes