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Category Archives: Work

Left it on the pad in the office will added Monday.

So I have spent the day turning the garage into a more organised place and also some more gardening.
photos to be added tomorrow.

So with a spare day , i spent it walking  round Heaton Park, then Sculpting the lawn from the wild field it had become will post pictures later



image Doodles whilst on a conference call


Working towards a big creative  parts this weekend so please be patient.  I only have to answer to the rules and me.

So app download ed
Workarea prepared.
So trials tomorrow.

Then start on the next set.

Feeling this post is light on proof, and I am not asleep yet.

Translation of lines:

Dum e caelo imber Quamdiu hiems nives adfert Vitae semper pendet in aere rumoresque Et dissipatum est, et in tenebris cordis amore crescant

Part of this story: As he remembered his old friend, his DS was by his side, “Sir the suspects are in interview 4, 7 and 9. The “monk” is in 7 and is still mumberling.